Thank you for choosing Hopewell Farms, Inc. We deliver bulk products to homeowners as well as contractors and retail yards.
Our minimum delivery is two yards and can go up to tractor trailer size loads.

Delivery charges are dependent on distance and size of truck needed. Our minimum delivery charge is $25.00.

Delivery Terms & Conditions

For deliveries during the week ( M-F ) we require a minimum of one day advanced notice. Saturday deliveries require two days advance notice. We do not deliver on Sunday.

To make your delivery go smoother, we ask for address, alternate phone#, directions (anything specific to help our drivers), and any other specific instructions on dumping.

Please leave a cone, bucket or some other marker for the driver to see the exact spot the load is to be dropped. We will make every effort to make your delivery but please consider a few things before placing your order:

  • Driveway deliveries only
  • Absolutely no backing over curbs or other obstacles
  • Does your drop area have low hanging branches or .
  • Is the the driveway exceptionally steep or sloped to the side
  • Hopewell Farms, Inc. will not be responsible for any driveway or property damage
  • Our policy is not to drive/ drop in yards due to weight of trucks ( getting stuck or causing yard damage) and damaging buried pipes
  • We ask that pets are put inside so as not to ever cause injury or harm to them in any way during delivery

It is always our driver’s discretion to enter anyone’s property and they have the right to refuse a delivery if they deem it unsafe or possible equipment or property damage may occur. Please note that bulk items are not returnable. Hopewell Farms, Inc. reserves the right to change policies and pricing with notice.

Truck delivering an order