To place an order, give us a call at 610-689-5081, or stop by our location during our business hours.

Our compost is aged at our yard. Our products are great for topdressing or adding to gardens. If you are a commercial customer, we can do custom blends for retention ponds or rain gardens. We can supply 10 yards or 1,000 yards. Call us for your specific needs and pricing.

  • Aged Leaf Compost

    $25/cubic yard

    Leaves that have been ground and aged for up to one year. An ideal product that may be added to soil or rototilled into a garden.

  • Aged Mushroom Compost

    $25/cubic yard

    Spent compost sourced from local mushroom houses. Aged for a minimum of one year. Another good product to add to soil or rototill into your garden.