Mulch Products

To place an order, give us a call at 610-689-5081, or stop by our location during our business hours.

To manufacture our mulch we begin with all natural wood products. The raw material for our colored and bark mulch are sourced from a local saw mill. Our natural brown mulch is produced with material that is brought into our drop off yard and from land clearing jobs. That is the reason we monitor our intake yard so closely to make sure undesirable materials, such as pressure treated lumber, railroad ties, or telephone poles never make their way into our finished products. The colorant we use in our colored mulches is environmentally safe.

We can deliver as little as 2 yards to homeowners, or up to tractor trailer size loads for resale yards or commercial landscape jobs.

Note: When picking up at our shop there is a 1 yard minimum for all products, we can not sell half yard quantities.

  • Black Mulch

    $29.50/cubic yard

    Our colored mulches are triple ground for a fine consistent texture. Made from recycled wood from a local sawmill and allowed to dry after being colored to ensure long lasting color.

  • Natural Brown Mulch

    $24/cubic yard

    Made from natural wood products and aged for a minimum of six months for a rich dark brown color.

  • Bark Mulch

    $29/cubic yard

    Another natural product sourced from a local sawmill. Bark produces a fine soft mulch that has a nice brown color without the use of colorants.

  • Playground Mulch

    $24/cubic yard

    Made from double ground woodchips and screened to remove excess fines. This mulch is good for play areas, paths, and walking trails.

  • Certified Playground Mulch

    $38/cubic yard

    A soft mulch used for play areas. Very similar to our playground mulch but is IPEMA certified.

  • Screened Woodchips

    $15/cubic yard

    Simply woodchips that have been run through our screener to remove excess fines. An economical alternative to finished mulch.