Crushed Stone

To place an order, give us a call at 610-689-5081, or stop by our location during our business hours.

Whether you need one yard or twenty yards, picking up stone at Hopewell Farms is an easy way to get the smaller amounts that many homeowners need. It’s also safer for your vehicle. Most quarries will not load small trucks or trailers.

  • Screenings

    $35/cubic yard

    A fine crushed stone product used under pavers or trench bedding for utilities.

  • 1B Clean Stone

    $45/cubic yard

    Clean crushed stone approximately½ inch in size. Good for use on walking trails, etc.

  • 2A Modified

    $35/cubic yard

    ¾ crushed stone with quarry dust left in. Used for driveways and other projects where compaction is required.

  • 2B Clean Stone

    $35/cubic yard

    Clean ¾ stone that can be used for driveways, under concrete, shed bases or around pipes for drainage.

  • #3 Clean Stone

    $35/cubic yard

    Good where large stone is needed, such as drainage projects.

  • #4 Clean Stone

    $35/cubic yard

    Large clean bulk stone mainly used for tire scrubbers or also for drainage and retention projects.